Graphic Designer



When I began to curate visual inspiration for this project, I stayed away from the typical aesthetic associated with the American portrayal of Italian cuisine: red/green/white color palettes, ornamental script typefaces and overwhelming visuals of food and Italian flags. Instead, Italian metalwork and vegetal engravings served as my primary sources of inspiration, while I also looked at current trends in typography and color, merging the old and new together. Louise Fili’s amazing collection of typography and packaging served as a great reference as well. 

As for my color palette, I decided on a rich, earthy selection of colors. This more neutral color palette referenced the Tuscan countryside. These colors ended up complementing and toning down the decorative, intricate nature of the branding materials.





For the Dalla Fattoria logo, I wanted to create a sophisticated, traditionally-influenced, modernized logotype. I experimented with a few concepts and styles: coat of arms, wrought iron decor, monograms and engravings. In the end, I designed a bold symbol consisting of interlocking, lowercase D and F letterforms influenced by the blackletter style, with vegetal motifs emphasizing the symmetry and softening the sharper, heavier elements within the letters.