Graphic Designer


During my internship at DragonSearch, a digital marketing agency in Kingston, New York, I spent the majority of my time assisting the lead designer, creative director and lead programmer with developing a more user-friendly, professional website for the company. 

During our brainstorming sessions, we discussed DragonSearch and its values, focusing on creativity, process-driven methods and integration. From here, we decided to incorporate a brighter color palette based on the orbital logo, which would serve to highlight where the user is within the site, help break up the heavy text content and highlight important information.

This website mockup for DragonSearch was my main conceptual contribution. I thought that the block of color and diagonal lines would direct the user's eye and break up content in an engaging, dynamic way. Many of the "Dragons" are skilled speakers and writers, and I wanted to highlight some of the strong quotes and company values I found throughout the website's text content, while providing visuals that emphasized team-building and collaboration. This resulted in a quote slider on the homepage that transitioned automatically. To solve the issue of a confusing and overwhelming navigation, I designed a simple meganav feature, which would highlight the primary link and drop down to secondary links as the user hovered.  A similar function was utilized within the blog sidebar, which gave the user short previews for the latests posts.

While my design contribution was not used for the final DragonSearch website, many of my ideas and design elements were explored further. We continued to work with the bolder, more colorful design aesthetic that featured a molecular, orbit-like pattern. I began to incorporate this aesthetic into my blog illustrations to create a recognizable, cohesive look throughout the website and associated social media.

The following illustrations are for the DragonSearch blog posts 7 Tips for Creating Relevant Website Audit Reports that Build Client Trust and Getting the Most from Your Marketing Agency.